SSC MTS ( multi-tasking staff ) ,LDC, CGL,GD payment failure how to solve.

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How to solve SSC MTS, LDC, CGL, GD payments failure.

SSC MTS ( multi-tasking staff ) ,LDC, CGL,GD  payment failure how to solve.
SSC MTS ( multi-tasking staff ) ,LDC, CGL,GD  payment failure how to solve.

Hey, guys today I will tell you how to solve this problem. I know that you are in tension and you want the solution to this problem.
One day I faced the same type of problem during payment. when I do payment by credit card and make payments but my money is deducted but my payments are a failure.

Don't worry I have a solution to this problem. if your fees are deducted please wait for 48 hrs I sure your money is refunded to your bank account. Then click on payments option and simply make payments by using a bit card only with high-speed internet connections.

How to make payments successful in SSC MTS.

When you submit an application and make payments but if your payments are the failure you must wait for five days I sure your payments must be successful or your fees may be refunded in your account.

ONE MORE point.

your payments are a failure because of your low internet connections 
pleasure ensure that you have a high-speed internet connection when you fill your application and make payments.

I hope I will solve your problem. 

THANK you !!!


How to use Neil Patel keywords Researcher tools.

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How to use Neil Patel keywords Researcher tools.

How to use Neil Patel keywords Researcher tools.

Hello, guys today I will show you how to use Neil Patel software to search keywords and easily rank your website.

yes, guys, this tool is very useful for blogger and it is completely free, if you are a blogger then it must you use it because it may help to get traffic on your website and may help to easily rank your website on any search engine.

Now I tell you some important benefits of these tools...

# 1. Easily find keywords:   

In these tools, you can easily find keywords, keywords competition, which can be helpful for written posts in fewer competition keywords to rank your website easily on any search engine.

# 2. Find keywords competition and density: 

it is a very smart way to search any keywords competitions less or more which may help to think or write posts.

# 3 Find  CPC of any keywords: 

It is most important to find CPC of your blog post or title or keywords because it is an important way to increase your revenue. if your keywords have high CPC then it definitely your revenue and income increases.

# 4.  Check domain authority: 

if your domain authority is high it can increase chances to rank your website on any keywords. older your website more have domain authority. In this tool, you can easily check your domain authority.

I suggested you to must try this tool at once and I sure it must be beneficial for you!

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How to apply for SSC CHSL / LDC exam 2019

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How to apply for  SSC CHSL / LDC  exam 2019

Apply for SSC CHSL / LDC  exam 2019.

SSC (staff selection commission )  recently releases chsl/ldc job notification in  2019. SSc, carry a huge vacancy in this year. It has a great chance for students who completed 12th board in any stream to fill up this vacancy.

Now, Let's tells about their age criteria.

Minimum age: 18 years old.

Maximum age: 27 years old.

# SSC CHSL/LDC exam date.

Online Application Starts from                        05th March 2019

Last date for Online Registration                        05th April 2019

SSC CHSL Tier-1 Admit Card                                    June 2019

SSC CHSL Tier-1 Exam                           01st July to 26th July 2019 

SSC CHSL Tier-2 Admit Card                                          September

SSC CHSL Tier-2  Exam                                   29th September 2019(DES)

# SSC chsl / LDC Pay scale.

Post Name                                                             Pay Scale

LDC/ JSA                                   Pay Band -1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay: Rs.1900 (pre-revised)

PA/ SA                                          Pay Band -1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay: Rs. 2400 (pre-revised)

DEO                                            Pay Band-1 (Rs. 5200-20200), Grade Pay: Rs. 2400 (pre-revised)

#SSC CHSL application fee.

The required application fee is Rs. 100

Note :  No fee is required to be paid by female, SC, ST, Physically Handicapped, and Ex-Servicemen candidates.

# SSC CHSL / LDC exam pattern.

Tier Type                                                                   Mode

Tier 1. Multiple choice question.                                  online 

Tier 2. Essay / Letter  Paper in English/Hindi             Pen and Paper

Tier 3.  Computer Test                           Wherever Applicable


How to find swift code of bank account | Swift code of bank of India , state bank ,vijya bank

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How to find swift code of bank account | Swift code of bank of India , state bank ,vijya bank

How to find a swift code of any bank account.

Here, I will show you how to find swift bin number or code of any bank account in India. 
Swift code is the 8 digit code which is provided by a bank to make an international transaction. It is the combination of capital letter and number which are similar to IFFC code.

Swift code is also important for those people which have adsence account. Because in an adsence account you have an option to enter a swift code of bank account where you want to payment receive
so. guys let's tell how we find a swift code.

There are two ways to find a swift code of bank account.

1. Go to the bank.

you must go to your bank where you open your bank account and ask the manager or assistant for a swift code of bank.

If he/she does not tell about the swift code you may apply another way which is provided below.

2. By online method

 In this way, you can easily find your bank account swift code. This is the online method. so, I tell you some steps that you follow to find your swift bin number.

Steps 1. click on the link here.

Steps 2. Now, you see another website is open, simply fill your bank name, state, district, and bank branch and press enter.

Steps 3. Now, you see your bank swift code and also other information like IFFc code e.t.c

I hope you found your swift code and this article may be helpful for you.

if you have any doubt please ask me in the comment box


How to change link color of blogger post

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How to change link color of blogger post
You may see that many website has high bounce rate. Do you know why these website has high bounce rate. i tell you that one of the major reason is that interlinking of the website.

Why important interlinking?

Because interlinking provides ranking of your website and help to easily rank on google or other search engine. But many website do interlinking but even they  have high bounce rate. what is the reason?

off course, they do interlinking but they don't focus their link in blog post. They don't get color of the link.They don't show where is link is present in blog post.it show link in black color which are match their blog post. so, in this reason they have high bounce rate.

so, lets starts how i change color of blog post in blogger by using simple and easy method.

Steps 1.  Go to the blogger dashboard.

Steps 2.  Click on Theme option and finally click on edit html option.

Steps 3. Now search " ]]></b:skin> " by open search bar by clicking "ctrl + F "

Steps 4. Now, paste the Css code before  ]]></b:skin> which are shown below.

<style>.post-body a {
.post-body a:visited {
.post-body a:link {

Steps 5. click on save.

Now, you will see that your color of link in blog post become change . you also change color of link like blue,yellow, e.t.c

I provided some codes of color which you use in this code by simply replace the color code.

comming soon.......


How to get fast Adsence approval on blogger in 2019 [100 % working]

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How to get  fast Adsence approval on blogger in  2019 [100 % working]

How to get fast Adsense approval on blogger.

Hey, guys today I will show you how to get fastest Adsence approval on blogger. it is very simple and easy to get approval on adsence I will talk to you and get some awesome tips that you get faster approval on your blog. if you use blogger or WordPress that no matter. keep following my steps carefully.

# Make the menu and submenu bar on your blog or website.

It is very important to make the menu bar and submenu bar. it makes your website best and professionals. you always see that a professional blog or website has a menu bar or submenu bar. so, you must make a menu bar. if you using blogger then you can easily make menu and sub-menu bar.

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# Write a long post

It is the most important thing in your blog. you should write your post as long as possible at approx: 1000 words. when you write long to post it also impact on your search ranking.  it is the powerful way to get adsence approval very fast because of absence like a longer post on the website.

Recommended: How to write a longer post on a website or blog.

# Create page

You must have created a page of your website before submitting your website to adsence because when adsence team reviews your website it first sees that your pages.

1. Do you know what is pages?

Pages are the information about your websites like about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and contact.

Recommended: How to create a professional contact form.

Recommended: How to create privacy policy pages.

Recommended: How to create  Terms and condition page.

# Make the website simple and clean

If your website is simple and clean it can increase chances to get approval by adsence because adsence want a clean and simple website. if your website is not simple adsence believe that this website may be spam. so, we always make our website clean and simple. 

Recommended: Top five simple and clean website template for blogger

# No, insert dead link or spam link.

If your website is for a blog and if you write a post then you must assure that link is working. Adsense dislikes dead links. it can also decrease your website performance.

# Not use popup windows

Sometimes you have seen that some website have popup windows for the newsletter. I suggest you please remove this popup windows it can decrease your website loading speed. adsence like speed loading website, not slow loading website. 

I hope you understand my points and can be helpful for you if you like this post and want to get the latest updates for this website. you fill my newsletter which is shown the right of this post.
Thank you!!!

How to rank .OOO domain on google first page | Rank .OOO Domain

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How to rank .OOO domain on google first page | Rank .OOO Domain

Welcome guys today I will show you how to rank .ooo domain in google first page. It is very easy as well as hard. If you think that it is easy then it surely easy and if you think it is hard it must be hard for you. So always think positive and, in this tutorial, I will show you Top five tips that you rank you easily rank your .ooo domain in google in just a week.

Everybody wants their post or website rank on Google because it can get more traffic and views which can lead to increase the revenue by using ads.
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So, let’s starts my tips.


No matter what is your domain name if your website belongs to blog or some tutorials. But it is the most important thing that your domain name is less than 10 words. Because if your domain letter is less than 10 words or no longer than it can increase the possibility to rank your domain. As we want that .ooo is the top level domain and now it is very cheap as a comparison to other domain you can start by .ooo domain to rank your website.

  # SEO

  It is the second most important thing to rank website or post in google or other search engines like bing, Yandex,e.tc.  It is the most important weapon that can lead to a rank website. It can get more and more views and huge traffic to your website.

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I   It is the third important thing. Do you know what is stop words? Stops words are those words which are ignored by the search engine. Examples of stops words: a.an, the, in e.t.c

I recommended you that decrease the uses of stops words in your title or blog posts.


     It is one the most important part in your post that rank your blogger post. We always write the post above 1000 words. It can help to rank your website in the top ten google post. But remember however you write but you always write without a grammatical error.

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   #   Search Keywords 

    We always search keywords before writing a post on our blog or website. Sometimes people not search for any keyword and suddenly retain our post. It can lead to decrease rank in google or any other search engine.

Whenever we start to write post firstly pick up important keywords and use them on Title and heading of our blog post.