What Is Ecosystem | what are their benefits |

Dear students and viewers, Today i will discuss you what is ecosystem and what are its benefit . i hope you understand the topic by reading the below article . 
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Plants occur in distinct groups of communities in areas having similar climatic conditions. The factors which are responsible for the distribution of plants and animals are soil, relief and drainage. The presence of animal in a particular area is determined, to a large extent, by the nature of the plants in that area. When the vegetation is changed, the animal life also altered. The entire plants and animals of an area are interdependent and interrelated to each other in their physical environment and they form an ecosystem. Human beings are an important integral part of the ecosystem. How the ecology of a region is influenced by the human beings? They utilise the vegetation and wild life. The greed of human beings leads to over utilisation of these resources. The indiscriminate cutting of the trees and killing of the animals have created ecological imbalance. As a result some of the plants and animals have reached the verge of extinction.
Do you know that a very large ecosystem on land having distinct types of vegetation and animal life is called a biome. The biomes are identified on the basis of plants.


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