what is Soil erosion | causes of soil erosion |

what is Soil erosion.

The removal and transportation of the top layer of soil from its original position to another place, under the effect of strong winds and fast running rainwater, is called soil erosion. The top layer of soil is very fertile. It provides anchorage (firm support) to plants and is also a source of nutrients and water to the plants.

what is Soil erosion | causes of soil erosion |exact pedia
what is Soil erosion | causes of soil erosion |

Causes of Soil erosion.
 There are mostly five to six points that the most causes of soil erosion...
lets explore.....
 1. Strong winds. The soil which is uncovered and loose, is eroded, when it is exposed to strong winds. The winds carry away the fine soil particles to other places.

2. Heavy rains. When rain falls on the unprotected top soil, rain water washes it down into the streams and rivers, etc.

3. Improper farming and suspended cultivation. Farmers loosen the top soil of the agricultural fields either for cultivation or for removing the weeds. Such soil can get eroded, due to the winds or rains. Sometimes due to certain reasons, ploughed agricultural fields remain fallow (not-cultivated) for a long time and is affected by soil erosion.

4. Human actions. Human activities such as expansion of urban areas has led to removal of vegetation from certain regions. The bare land is thus exposed to agencies (winds, rains) of soil erosion. Thus, larg scale deforestation and overgrazing by our domestic animals, not only destroys biodiversity but also lead to soil erosion.

5. Dust storms. Dust storms shift huge amounts of loose soil from one place to another.

what is Soil erosion | causes of soil erosion | exact pedia
what is Soil erosion | causes of soil erosion |

6. Frequent floods. Frequent flooding of rivers is another cause of soil erosion. Fast moving water int rivers removes the top soil of the fields near the river banks and carries it away.

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