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Importance and problem of PDS.
Importance of PDS :
(i) The system provides goods to consumers, especially the disadvantaged/vulnerable sections of society at fair prices.
(ii) It rectifies the existing imbalances between the supply and demand for consumer goods.
(iii) It checks and prevents hoarding and black marketing in essential commodities.
(iv) It ensures social justice in the distribution of basic necessities of life.
(v) It evens out fluctuations in prices and availability of mass consumption goods.

Problem of PDS 
(i) Failed to remove hunger: The PDS has been working for many years but still hunger is prevailing in the Indian society.
(ii) Overflowing godowns : The FCI godowns are overflowing with foodgrains. In 2002 the stock of wheat and rice was 63 million tonnes which was much more than the minimum stock. There is a general consensus that high level of buffer stock of foodgrains is very undesirable and can be wasteful.
(iii) Poor foodgrain quality : As most of the godowns have more stock than their capacity this leads to deterioration in grain quality.
(iv) Adverse impact on the environment : Due 10 incentive by the government most of the states are producing only rice and wheat. The intensive utilisation of water in the cultivation of rice has led to environmental degradation and fall in the water level, threatening the sustainability of the agricultural development in many states.

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