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What is the difference between singular uncountable noun and plural countable noun?

It is a very confusing topic but doesn’t worry I get your best method to understand their difference.

So let’s explore…

Firstly I saw that what is an uncountable noun?

That noun which cannot count in the whole universe is called an uncountable noun.

Then, a question arises why we always say singular uncountable noun?

  • Remember this point: uncountable noun never convert into a plural noun. So, in this way, we say singular uncountable noun.

  • Uncountable noun always takes a singular verb in a sentence.

For example:  I have much information which is given by him.

Here, “information” is the uncountable noun. Actually, we never count information in real life so it is considered as an uncountable noun. so, he always takes singular verb as “is”.

Now, come to the next point I,e what is plural or the singular countable noun?

  • Ans: That noun which we count in the whole universe is called a plural countable noun. 
  • Countable noun converts into both singular and plural. So, we may be used both singular or plural countable noun.
  •     Countable noun comes with both singular and plural verb as singular countable and plural countable noun respectively. 

Example: “Boy” and “Boys” are both countable nouns but “boy” is the singular countable noun and “boys” are the plural uncountable noun.

Let's make a sentence.

1. Many students are playing cricket in a playground.

Here, students are the plural countable noun and take a plural verb ( are ).

2. only one boy is absent in whole class.

Here, “boy” is a singular countable noun and always takes singular verb i.e, “is”.

 i hope you get to understand this beautiful article.

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