[ solved ] The DNS resolution of host of the url couldn't be resolved in bing webmaster tool.

 How to solve " The DNS resolution of the host of the Url couldn't be resolved" in Bing webmaster tool .

Welcome to this tutorial , Today i will teach you how you solve error in bing webmaster tool like " The DNS resolution of the host of the url  could not be resolved"

when this error you see ?

This error has seen when we fetch our url of blog or website in bing webmaster tools .

Thus, we have solved this problem right now.

so, let's see that how i solve this error, just follow my steps 

NOTE :  This error can solve only for those people who has host their website or blog in blogger.
steps 1. when you see this error ( The DNS resolution of the host of the url could not be resolved ) then go to your blogger dashboard.

steps 2.  On the left slide bar click on the search preference.

steps 3. click on robot.txt file .

steps 4.  click on Disable the robot.txt file or removed the file.

steps 5. Click on save.

After saving it can take up to 48 hours ( 2 days ) to solve this problem.

Now your problem is solved . i hope you understand it .

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