How to change link color of blogger post

You may see that many website has high bounce rate. Do you know why these website has high bounce rate. i tell you that one of the major reason is that interlinking of the website.

Why important interlinking?

Because interlinking provides ranking of your website and help to easily rank on google or other search engine. But many website do interlinking but even they  have high bounce rate. what is the reason?

off course, they do interlinking but they don't focus their link in blog post. They don't get color of the link.They don't show where is link is present in blog show link in black color which are match their blog post. so, in this reason they have high bounce rate.

so, lets starts how i change color of blog post in blogger by using simple and easy method.

Steps 1.  Go to the blogger dashboard.

Steps 2.  Click on Theme option and finally click on edit html option.

Steps 3. Now search " ]]></b:skin> " by open search bar by clicking "ctrl + F "

Steps 4. Now, paste the Css code before  ]]></b:skin> which are shown below.

<style>.post-body a {
.post-body a:visited {
.post-body a:link {

Steps 5. click on save.

Now, you will see that your color of link in blog post become change . you also change color of link like blue,yellow, e.t.c

I provided some codes of color which you use in this code by simply replace the color code.

comming soon.......

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