How to get fast Adsence approval on blogger in 2019 [100 % working]

How to get fast Adsense approval on blogger.

Hey, guys today I will show you how to get fastest Adsence approval on blogger. it is very simple and easy to get approval on adsence I will talk to you and get some awesome tips that you get faster approval on your blog. if you use blogger or WordPress that no matter. keep following my steps carefully.

# Make the menu and submenu bar on your blog or website.

It is very important to make the menu bar and submenu bar. it makes your website best and professionals. you always see that a professional blog or website has a menu bar or submenu bar. so, you must make a menu bar. if you using blogger then you can easily make menu and sub-menu bar.

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# Write a long post

It is the most important thing in your blog. you should write your post as long as possible at approx: 1000 words. when you write long to post it also impact on your search ranking.  it is the powerful way to get adsence approval very fast because of absence like a longer post on the website.

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# Create page

You must have created a page of your website before submitting your website to adsence because when adsence team reviews your website it first sees that your pages.

1. Do you know what is pages?

Pages are the information about your websites like about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and contact.

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# Make the website simple and clean

If your website is simple and clean it can increase chances to get approval by adsence because adsence want a clean and simple website. if your website is not simple adsence believe that this website may be spam. so, we always make our website clean and simple. 

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# No, insert dead link or spam link.

If your website is for a blog and if you write a post then you must assure that link is working. Adsense dislikes dead links. it can also decrease your website performance.

# Not use popup windows

Sometimes you have seen that some website have popup windows for the newsletter. I suggest you please remove this popup windows it can decrease your website loading speed. adsence like speed loading website, not slow loading website. 

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