How to find swift code of bank account | Swift code of bank of India , state bank ,vijya bank

How to find a swift code of any bank account.

Here, I will show you how to find swift bin number or code of any bank account in India. 
Swift code is the 8 digit code which is provided by a bank to make an international transaction. It is the combination of capital letter and number which are similar to IFFC code.

Swift code is also important for those people which have adsence account. Because in an adsence account you have an option to enter a swift code of bank account where you want to payment receive
so. guys let's tell how we find a swift code.

There are two ways to find a swift code of bank account.

1. Go to the bank.

you must go to your bank where you open your bank account and ask the manager or assistant for a swift code of bank.

If he/she does not tell about the swift code you may apply another way which is provided below.

2. By online method

 In this way, you can easily find your bank account swift code. This is the online method. so, I tell you some steps that you follow to find your swift bin number.

Steps 1. click on the link here.

Steps 2. Now, you see another website is open, simply fill your bank name, state, district, and bank branch and press enter.

Steps 3. Now, you see your bank swift code and also other information like IFFc code e.t.c

I hope you found your swift code and this article may be helpful for you.

if you have any doubt please ask me in the comment box


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