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How to install and play GTA vice city (with pictures) on android mobile for free.

Download and play GTA vice city game 

Welcome to this tutorial today I show you how you download GTA vice city and play on your android phone. GTA vice city is a very popular oldest game but it is now a day and everyone wants to play it.

Before starting tutorial I will tell you some steps that you follow simply. Don't skip any steps, it will help you to install the game in a good way.

so let's starting...

Steps 1.  Download the  " app " and a  " file "  of about 899 MB by clicking the download button. 

Steps 2.  Now, install the app but don't open the app. ( it say error )

Steps 3.  After installing download the one more app name " Z archiver " which are available on play store.

Steps 4.  After installing " Z archiver " open the app and extract the file ( 899 Mb ) in an android ^  " obb " folder.

Like here,

Steps 5.  Now simply open the app ( GTA vice city ) and you see your game will work.....

I hope you understand my all steps. Thanks for reading...

If you not still understand then I already made a video please watch this video.

Then guys how like my tutorial? 

comment me if you have any problem.

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