How to rank .OOO domain on google first page | Rank .OOO Domain

Welcome guys today I will show you how to rank .ooo domain in google first page. It is very easy as well as hard. If you think that it is easy then it surely easy and if you think it is hard it must be hard for you. So always think positive and, in this tutorial, I will show you Top five tips that you rank you easily rank your .ooo domain in google in just a week.

Everybody wants their post or website rank on Google because it can get more traffic and views which can lead to increase the revenue by using ads.
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So, let’s starts my tips.


No matter what is your domain name if your website belongs to blog or some tutorials. But it is the most important thing that your domain name is less than 10 words. Because if your domain letter is less than 10 words or no longer than it can increase the possibility to rank your domain. As we want that .ooo is the top level domain and now it is very cheap as a comparison to other domain you can start by .ooo domain to rank your website.

  # SEO

  It is the second most important thing to rank website or post in google or other search engines like bing, Yandex,  It is the most important weapon that can lead to a rank website. It can get more and more views and huge traffic to your website.

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I   It is the third important thing. Do you know what is stop words? Stops words are those words which are ignored by the search engine. Examples of stops words:, the, in e.t.c

I recommended you that decrease the uses of stops words in your title or blog posts.


     It is one the most important part in your post that rank your blogger post. We always write the post above 1000 words. It can help to rank your website in the top ten google post. But remember however you write but you always write without a grammatical error.

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   #   Search Keywords 

    We always search keywords before writing a post on our blog or website. Sometimes people not search for any keyword and suddenly retain our post. It can lead to decrease rank in google or any other search engine.

Whenever we start to write post firstly pick up important keywords and use them on Title and heading of our blog post.


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