How to solve DNS resution of the host not solved Bing webmaster tool.

How to solve your DNS resolution of the host of the URL could not be resolved in bing webmaster tool.

welcome guys today I showing you how you solved this error that you face in bing webmaster tool. it is very necessary to fix this problem because it may not index your post in bing and may not visible in it is very important to solve it. Now, come to the points when you face this problem? I confirmed that when you submit your post URL in 'Bing bot" then you see like this error"your DNS resolution of the host could not be resolved'

Before starting the tutorial I will introduce to me, hello my name is rishu , i am from India and I will help you to solve any problem related to bing or google webmaster tool.

so start the tutorial... and follow my steps...

Steps1 .

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