Blogger me hindi me typing kaise kare | How to type in hindi on blogger. | How to type in Tamil, marathi, telgu , bangali

Blogger me Hindi me typing kaise kare | How to type in Hindi on blogger.

welcome guys today I will show you how you easily type in any language like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and more without any software. It is very easy and simple just follow my steps...

Now let's starts...

login To Blogger Dashboard.

1. When you log in your blogger account click on new post icon on the top of your dashboard.

2. Now you will be entered on your blogger writing section where you write your blog post.

3. Now, you will see on the most right corner you may see a Hindi button ( अ  ).

4. click on the drop-down icon, you can see that various language option, simply click on Hindi option or you may choose your own language what you want. 

5. Now click on  ( अ ) button.

6. Now, you are able to write Hindi. you can write in English and this technique converts to the Hindi language.

How you use it.

You can use it the very easy way you don't need to know Hindi how Hindi be written even you don't need a hindi keyboard.

This option automatically translates English to Hindi. you just type in English like talking with friends in facebook and what apps or other social media platform.

I will give you an example which is easy to understand

Namaskar ------ नमस्कार 

Dosto------------ दोस्तों 

I hope you will understand it. if any problem you will ask your question in the commment section.

Where I use This?

You can only use to write your blog or website post on this platform means only on blogger. if you want to write hindi or other language on other place except blogger you must install google keyboard on play store or use extension.

I hope i am helpful for you. keep sharing if anybody wants to type in Hindi.


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