How to remove Blackhead from Nose.

How to remove blackhead from Nose.

Hi, guys today I will discuss and told you some very fantastic topic which is important for everyone. so lets stats...

What is Blackhead and how it occurs?

Firstly know that blackhead is a tiny dark spots formed pore of skin which contain oil, sebum and some bacteria.

How it occurs?

It genrally formed when your skin is formed more oil than normal.

The most causes of forming blackhead is going to pubery. it has to seen that blackhead are generay formed when your age between 16 to 25 yrs.

How to cure this?

we say sorry that it never be cure this blackhead means that you cannot remove 100% of  your blackheads. you can decrease up to 80% of blackhead by using some techique.

your blackheads is remove naturally when your puberty is going, simply i say that your blackheads is remove when you come in 26 to 27 yrs old . Then your blackheads is 100% removed, it is my promise.

Now , come  to the points that how to decrese the effect of blackheads on your face or nose.


1. Clean your face where your blackheads is present up to 4 times in  a day by using soap or face wash.

2. Use scrub thrice a day before washing your face.

3. Daily bath.

4. Don't apply any cosmatic cream on your blackheads area.

5. Eat healty foods and don't eat spoily foods and you must eat green leafy vegetables.

6. Do exercise regular in the morning to fit yourself it many help you to fix the problem of harmon changes

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